Improve your digital skills with an IT course

Are you or someone you know looking to improve their digital skills?

Digital skills are vital in today’s workplace; however, a recent study has recently identified a digital skills gap in the workforce. As a result, employers are crying out for employees who possess the skills to help them advance their technologies.

What do we mean by digital skills?

Previously, basic computer literacy and knowledge of programmes such as Microsoft Word and Excel would help you stand out from the crowd. But now, employers are looking for more advanced skills such as CAD, Adobe Photoshop, analytics, and programming.

How can I improve my skills?


If you have little or no computer skills, it’s worth starting with the basics. A great starting point is our Level 2 Certificate in IT Essentials  course which covers the basic fundamentals such as using database, spreadsheet, presentation, and word processing software, as well as using the internet, sending emails, and IT security.


If you have the basics nailed and you are already confident in using programmes such as Excel and PowerPoint, you may be looking for the next step up. This is where our GCSE Computer Science course can help you develop your digital skills and knowledge beyond the basics. The course covers areas such as programming, data, cyber security, and computer networks.

Introductory courses in Python, web design, and graphic design are also available if you want to develop your knowledge in this area.


If you already have sound digital skills in these areas, why not take things even further and learn some specialist skills? Our range of IT courses also includes Six Sigma, Adobe Photoshop, and data analytics, as well as CompTIA, Webmaster, and Cisco qualifications. So, whatever digital skills you want to specialise in, we’ve got a course to help you upskill!

So, if you’re looking to develop your skills and make yourself more employable, take a look at our range of computer and IT courses here. Or, if you’d like help finding the right course for you, give our team a call on 03300 563100.

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Improve your digital skills with an IT course