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How OSC’s CEO adapted her leadership style during the pandemic

Samantha Rutter founded Open Study College (OSC) with her father when she was just 19. Today, Open Study College has grown to become one of the UK’s leading distance learning providers.   Over the last 14 years, Samantha has accumulated experience in all areas of the business, she’s handled everything from enrolments to customer service to course development. This has given […]

Felix-Tazzy balances studying with volunteering

“I needed something that could work around my two volunteer jobs and this Open Study College course does just that!” Felix-Tazzy, 24, Hartlepool Felix-Tazzy is currently completing a short course with Open Study College. Understanding the Holocaust is his first distance learning course; talking about how he’s fitting his studies around a few part time […]

Denis's mature A Level student experience

“I was never a good student in my youth, but there are great solutions for any difficulties one might be struggling through in this day and age, and I’m finding the whole process really fun. Difficult at times, but great!” Denis, 35, Aylesbury Currently studying A Level Philosophy and A Level Religious Studies with Open […]

Encouraging more men to study

We recently discovered in a nationwide survey that 70% of men haven’t completed any form of education since the age of 30. The research, which polled 2,000 UK males, explored the reasons behind men not wanting to invest further in their education and found that a quarter (24%) admitted to having no drive or motivation […]

Tips for dealing with stress

The 3rd November is National Stress Awareness Day. With over 100,000 learners across the world who are juggling studying with life’s other commitments, we wanted to share our advice on how to recognise the signs of stress, and our top tips for reducing your stress levels. Recognising the signs of stress Stress can manifest itself […]

Ranjit's distance learning journey at 54

“If anyone is thinking about studying, I think they should definitely go for it. My only regret is that I just wish I had started sooner!”  Ranjit, 54, Surrey  Having just started his History course with Open Study College, Ranjit has a way to go yet, but wanted to share his thoughts on deciding to follow a […]

Jon's next challenge after retiring from the police

“If you feel like you want to study, don’t hesitate to just do it. Time moves so quickly and the benefits of starting a new career could be huge!”  Jon, 52, Winchester    A retired police officer looking for his next challenge and to embark on a new career, Jon, is currently studying a Level […]

Work Life Week - are we living to work, or working to live?

The average UK employee will spend around 85,000 hours at work during their lifetime – that’s just under ten years*! Globally this number is on the rise, so it’s no surprise that having a healthy work life balance is becoming essential to employed people and their employers – perhaps even more so for those with […]

How flexible learning is helping Jasmine's career

“Distance learning allowed me to work flexibly around my work and social schedule and the outcome of knowing you achieved something independently is highly rewarding.” Jasmine, 24, Oxfordshire Having just completed her first course with Open Study College, Jasmine recommends a flexible learning route to those considering studying with OSC, describing it as highly rewarding, […]

How distance learning helps Abbie's mental health

“What I enjoy most about distance learning is that I am able to carry on studying something I enjoy whilst I can’t go to college. I really enjoyed the course and found the OSC team very supportive so I’m hoping to do another course soon.”  Abbie, 20, North Devon  Abbie is well on her way […]