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Distance learning means your employees can study at their own pace, and it removes the need for them to attend a physical college. Partner with us today to help train and develop your workforce.

Open Study College have 13 years’ experience in distance learning, providing over 90,000 students with qualifications and certificates to achieve their goals.

We also work with organisations of any size to help train and develop their teams, both in the private and public sector. This includes national and international businesses who want to invest in their workforce for continued personal development, and schools whose teachers want to study a subject not currently offered by their school, or training to enhance existing pastoral care services.

We have over 600 courses spanning nationally recognised awarding bodies including AAT, ICB and Cache; as well as usual curriculum-based qualifications such as A levels and GCSEs, recognised by AQA and Edexcel; that ensures we can offer businesses the breadth of training that many need – after all, we recognise that not all people or organisations are the same.

Our specialist subject areas include IT, Project Management, marketing, accounting and bookkeeping, management and leadership, as well as beauty and child care.


How it works

At Open Study College, our courses are all delivered remotely, either online or through a paper study pack option, which means your employees can study at their own pace and it removes the need to attend a physical college, enabling them to better balance work and study. We can also produce reports on progress should you wish to keep up to date with your team’s development.

The set up time is minimal – we can process enrolments individually or as a group to provide your employees online access within 24 hours.

You’ll also have your own point of contact in our Head of Education and Development, Robbie Bryant, who can provide a full course list, or discuss your requirements to create a tailored package for your business.

Edexcel Functional Skills English Level 2
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Benefits of partnering with OSC

  • Over 600 courses to choose from with a range of both knowledge based courses and accredited qualifications
  • Place enrolments at any time throughout the year – you don’t have to commit to enrolling a specific amount of employees each month
  • We offer discounts for volume orders over a 12 month period 
  • Your employees can study at their own pace which enables them to balance work and study
  • Our courses are delivered online which removes the need for your employees to take time off work to visit college 
  • Students will receive full tutor support throughout their studies 
  • Fast turnaround time – your team can get their login details within 24 hours 

For further details on how we can help – contact Robbie Bryant  on 

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