A Level results day 2021

A Level results day is a huge day in the academic calendar for many students across the country. This year, even more so. People waiting for their A Level results in 2021 have had a lot to think about alongside their studies. From the worries of Coronavirus to the numerous lockdowns restricting our normal way of life and disrupting study plans. 

We know it’s been a difficult time. And as a distance learning provider offering A Level qualifications, we too have a number of students that will be eagerly awaiting their results come August. 

Ahead of the big day, here we go through everything you need to know so you feel well prepared, whatever the outcome. 

When is A Level results day 2021? 

A Level results day in 2021 is Tuesday 10th August, with GCSE results day following on Thursday 12th August 2021. 

Did you get the A LEVEL grades you wanted? 

If you get the A Level grades you wanted, huge congratulations!  

You may be planning to go to university, so with your grades now confirmed you’re good to go. However, if you did better than expected you may now be wondering if you could switch your course to something else or change to a better university. UCAS offer an adjustment service for this very reason. 

If you didn’t get the A Level results you wanted, don’t worry, you have multiple options to now consider…

If your aim is to go to university in September, it could still happen! 

If you didn’t get any offers but you still want to attend university, don’t worry, you still could!  

Through UCAS’ clearing process you can apply for universities that still have spaces on certain courses providing you haven’t accepted an offer at another university (or didn’t get any offers). Clearing is open until 19th October 2021.

It's also worth taking a look at our info page on routes to get into university, you might be surprised to read that you don't always need A Levels to get to university...

Retake your A Levels or GCSE’s 

Since the pandemic, every learner studying will have now been introduced to the concept of distance learning. This is learning without having to attend school or college and it’s what we’re experts in here at Open Study College!   

With this option, it means you can choose either the same A Level subjects again, or pick new ones and pay to study privately. You will receive your study materials and you will also have access to an expert tutor remotely.   

You can enrol onto a distance learning course now for next year and take the pressure off yourself completely. This way, you can study again, with an expert tutor on hand to support you and get yourself where you want to be!   

Reflection time, and now looking for a change  

For many of us taking our GCSE’s and A Levels at school and college, we don’t  always consider our options fully. We are young and are encouraged to either take the subjects that look appealing on applications or to choose core subjects we’re not particularly interested in.  

This pandemic has been a time of reflection for many, and you may have had a chance to reconsider your future. Did you pick the right subjects? Are there other courses you wish you had taken? Maybe the industry you wanted to work in has been severely impacted by the pandemic?  

If you have decided to take a different path, there is no rush. Choose subjects that will guide you into your new future. Pick subjects you enjoy, the courses you are passionate about - you will end up loving your studies! Maybe this time you could consider subjects like A Level Law, A Level Sociology or even A Level Politics? 

Maybe you’ll even decide to pause your A Level studies and take up a different course, a gap year or even throw yourself into full-time work. Just remember, anything is possible! 

Try taking another course 

You may not even want to continue pursuing A Levels, if you have a career path in mind that doesn’t require A Level subjects at entry level, you could start working and study for your A Level qualifications remotely, alongside work. 

Or, if the career you want to get into doesn’t require A Levels, what about specialising straight away? Not all courses require A Levels as an entry requirement. Explore subject areas such as accounting, childcare and education or even beauty therapy.  

Help and support 

Although A Level results day may feel pressured, this is your future and you shouldn't rush into any decisions. As you can see here the options are endless!  

Feel free to book a call back with one of our friendly advisers who can explain how distance learning works with A Levels and GCSEs and talk you through our other course options. 


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A Level results day 2021