A Level Environmental Science

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Study A Level Environmental Science from the comfort of your own home and choose when to take your exams. A convenient and stress-free way to study that fits around your existing commitments.

  • Gain up to 56 UCAS points to help you land your dream place at university
  • Explore the living and physical environment
  • Develop your understanding in the need to provide food and forest resources for a growing human population
  • Study at your own pace with no strict deadlines to contend with
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are encouraging learners to select online study as the delivery of study packs will be delayed up to 2 weeks. For those students who still wish to select study pack, we are providing free e-learning access, where available, to avoid any interruption of study. These students will receive access to our e-learning platform within 24 hours, and their study pack will follow in due course. Students who wish to study online only, are unaffected and will receive their e-learning access within 24 hours.

Course Overview

Simply receive your course materials online or by post and start studying to gain that all-important A Level. You will be responsible for booking your exams.

Course Duration

Up to 2 years.

Course Outcome

A Level in Environmental Science (you must take the A Level exam to achieve this).

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this course.


Fieldwork and 2 paper-based exams.

Course Content

Specification: AQA 7447

  • Conditions for life on Earth
  • Conservation of biodiversity
  • Life processes in the biosphere and conservation planning
  • Opportunities for skills development and independent thinking
  • The hydrosphere
  • Mineral resources
  • Biogeochemical cycles
  • The importance of energy supplies in the development of society
  • The impact of the features of energy resources
  • The sustainability of current energy resource exploitation
  • Strategies to secure future energy supplies
  • New energy conservation technologies
  • The properties of pollutants
  • Strategies to control pollutants
  • Ionising radiation
  • Noise
  • Solid wastes
  • Heavy metals
  • Acid mine drainage
  • Nutrient pollution
  • Pesticides
  • Agriculture
  • Agroecosystems
  • Sustainability of agriculture
  • Aquatic food production systems
  • Forest resources
  • Dynamic equilibria
  • Energy
  • Material cycles
  • The circular economy
  • Scientific methodologies
  • Sampling techniques
  • Specialist techniques
  • Fieldwork and laboratory activities
  • Standard environmental techniques
Extra Info


As part of this course students must undertake fieldwork which meets the minimum requirement of 4 days. Fieldwork will need to be booked via an external examination centre. Please note, it is your responsibility to source and book your fieldwork and examinations. Fieldwork will need to be completed by the end of March each year.

Assessment of the knowledge and understanding of the fieldwork skills in this course will be by written exams only. Overall, at least 15% of the marks for A-level Environmental Science qualification will require the assessment of fieldwork skills.

To achieve the full Environmental Science A Level you will be assessed across the 7 sections and practical assessment. All units will be assessed by two paper-based examinations.

You will be responsible for booking your exams.

A more detailed breakdown of the assessment details is provided below.

Please note: It is your responsibility to source and book your fieldwork and examinations.

Your fieldwork skills will be assessed within the written exams only.

Course Duration

You will have 2 years to complete the full A Level from the date you receive your materials. You will be able to study at your own pace and in your own time without the pressure of tight deadlines.

Study Method

This course enables you to study for an A Level in Environmental Science by distance learning at home or at work. Your course materials will be sent by post. Tutor support will be available via email, so help is only a click away! Your course pack will include self-assessment exercises and tutor-marked study questions, so you can monitor your progress.

Course Outcome

Upon successful completion of the exams and coursework, you will receive an A Level in Environmental Science issued by AQA. All examinations must be successfully completed to gain a full A Level.

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Exam details

Paper 1
  • Type: Written examination
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Weighing: 50% of A Level
  • Total Marks: 120
  • Assessed: Any content from sections 2, 3, 4 and 7
  • Assessment format: A combination of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions
Paper 2
  • Type: Written examination
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Weighing: 50% of A Level
  • Total Marks: 120
  • Assessed: Any content from sections 1, 5, 6 and 7
  • Assessment format: A combination of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions

Yes! You study the same coursework, take the same examinations and get the same qualification. The only difference is that the course is designed to be studied from home, and you receive full tutor support via email.

No previous knowledge or skills are needed to enrol onto this course, however we recommend that students should have the skills and knowledge associated with at least GCSE Combined Science or equivalent.

  • Dedicated personal tutor support
  • Dedicated student support
  • Assignment marking and feedback
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  • *Comprehensive study guide
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  • *Student study planner
  • *Student notebook

* Not included with the online study option

There is no required reading for this A Level. However, you may need to conduct your own research using the internet.

Yes, you will need to take the standard A Level examinations and internal assessments in order to fully complete this course. 

For this particular course, examination centres charge a substantial fee to take your exams and practical assessments, which is why we thoroughly recommend you conduct further research into this before enrolling.

You are still able to study this A Level course but must take the examinations within the UK as this is the only guaranteed way to access examination centres.

It's not a problem. We offer a course replacement service, so if you get into trouble and your course pack is lost or damaged, our Student Support Team can provide you with a new set of materials for a one-time additional fee.

That's not a problem. We want to make sure you’re 100% confident about enrolling on the course and starting your study. So, just give our Student Adviser Team a call on 03300 563 100 and they’ll do their best to help.

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