Find out how our Beauty Therapy courses can boost your career

Beauty Therapy covers a range of beauty industry specialisms and courses that can be used to boost your career prospects.
Whether you want to become the world’s best masseuse or the next Katy Bird of make-up, then our Beauty Therapy courses are the way to go.
Here’s just a few of the ways that they can help boost your career:

Range of courses 

Aromatherapy?                 Yep.
Make-up Artistry?           Yep.
Beauty?                               Yep.
Eyebrows?                          Yep.
Massage?                            Yep.
Nails?                                    Yep.
Waxing?                              Yep.
Hairdressing?                    Yep.
Salon Management?      Yep.
We’ve got you covered.
And within each category, you will find variations of each course. For example:
Make-Up Artist Level 3
Make-up Artist and Starting Your Own Business Level 3
Special Occasion Make-Up with Practical Training
We are certain that you’ll find the course of your dreams with such a wide selection to choose from.

Practical Training

Some of our Beauty Therapy courses offer practical training in addition to the theoretical knowledge so you can make the most out of your course and gain as much experience as possible to boost your career prospects.
This practical training enables you to experience the skills required to succeed in the industry, and learn first-hand from professionals.

Professional Insurance

Upon completion of some of our Beauty Therapy courses and practical training, you will be given the opportunity to gain the insurance needed to become a special occasion make-up artist.
This insurance protects you and any future clients you may have in the case of any mishaps or accidents, and allows you to practice professionally.

Distance Learning

Unlike anything else you may have come across, our Beauty Therapy courses and studied via distance learning so you are in control of your learning.
You will be provided with all the necessary equipment that you require as well as the help of a personal tutor who will guide you through your study journey.
These elements combined are how our Beauty Therapy courses can boost your career.
Browse our courses on our website to make your choice. Alternatively, call our Student Adviser team on 03300 563100 to discuss your options today!
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Find out how our Beauty Therapy courses can boost your career