ACCA Course Guide

ACCA Qualifications are completed in 3 stages which are broken down into 13 modules. Our guided explanation is here to help you understand and choose your ACCA study path.

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ACCA Courses Explained

The complete ACCA Qualification is broken down into 3 stages and 13 modules

Stage 1
ACCA Fundamentals Applied Knowledge
This is comprised of the first 3 modules needed on your way to the full ACCA Qualification
The modules are:
Accountant in Business (F1)
Management Accounting (F2)
Finance Accounting (F3)

Stage 2
ACCA Fundamentals Applied Skills
The next 6 modules on your path to the full ACCA Qualification
The modules are:
Corporate and Business Law (F4)
Performance Management (F5)
Taxation (F6)
Finance Reporting (F7)
Audit and Assurance (F8)
Finance Management (F9)

Stage 3
ACCA Strategic Professional
The final stage of becoming ACCA Qualified. This final stage is made of 4 modules.
The first two modules are mandatory.
These modules are:
Strategic Business Leader (P1))
Business Reporting (P2)

For the remaining 2 modules you must choose from the following:
ACCA Advanced Financial Management (P4)
ACCA Advanced Performance Management (P5)
ACCA Audit and Assurance (P7)

Our ACCA Course Options

At Open Study College we have the following ACCA Course Bundle options, so you can find the right one for you. See the list below.

ACCA Fundamentals Complete:
This bundle contains both Fundamental Knowledge and Skills (Stage 1 & 2). They are also available separately if you wish.
ACCA Fundamentals Complete

ACCA Strategic Professional Complete:
This is the 3rd and final stage of your ACCA Qualification course after completing both fundamental courses.
We have 3 options for this depending of your choice of optional modules.
ACCA Strategic Professional Complete:
P4 + P5
P4 + P7
P5 + P7

ACCA Qualification Complete:
This is the full course with all 3 stages and 13 modules. Once again, we have 3 options for this complete Qualification based on the final 2 modules you choose:
ACCA Qualification Complete:
P4 + P5
P4 + P7
P5 + P7

We also offer every module individually as well.

If you still have questions and want advice, you can call our friendly Student Adviser Team on 03300 563 100.

They'll help you find the best course that suits you and get you on your way to becoming ACCA Qualified.

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