Studying as a hobby

Many people see studying as a necessary part of education or career progression. But studying as a hobby can be equally, if not more, rewarding.
According to the Oxford dictionary, a hobby is "an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure". Humans have engaged in hobbies since time began; doing things to keep busy during long days. As times have changed and people's lives have become busier with work, family and looking after a home, the need for hobbies has perhaps become even more important. Dedicating time to personal enjoyment can reduce stress and provide a much needed escape from everyday life.
When studying is done for pleasure, rather than as a necessity, it becomes a hobby. That's not to say that educational or work based study isn't enjoyable - indeed it should be in order to achieve success. But studying as a hobby involves choosing a subject matter purely for enjoyment. There may be no need or desire for achievement, like a final exam, qualification or credential. Just learning more about the subject is enough.
Let's look at 5 great reasons for considering studying as a hobby.

Expanding your horizons

The world is so full of things that we, as individuals, may not know anything about. How wonderful then to choose a subject completely new to us, and immerse ourselves in all there is to know? Finding out more about topics we don't understand can enrich our perspective of our own lives.
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Learning a new skill

It's never too late to turn your hand to a skill you've always fancied trying but never had the time or opportunity. The beauty of studying a new skill as a hobby is that you can take your time and learn at your own pace. Our courses come with full tutor support, so you'll have a knowledgeable expert on hand to help out of needed.
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Overcoming past lack of success

You may not need specific qualifications to succeed in your career but perhaps, on a personal level, you're secretly annoyed that Maths isn't your strong point? It's never too late to learn the basics or brush up on those skills.
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Tapping in to your creative side

Every day life can be very black and white, with repetitive demands that make us feel almost robotic. How about creating a haven of escapism in which you can let your mind run away with you?
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Earn an extra income

Most of us would say a big yes to earning some extra cash. Even better if we could earn that cash as a result of something we love. If family and friends know you have a hobby you love, they may be happy to pay for your knowledge and expertise. Who knows, it could even become your new career. As the saying goes "find a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life."
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Studying as a hobby