How to study an A-level from home

1 in 6 of us wish that we could turn back the clock and work harder at school and college. But with distance learning A-Levels, it's never been easier to study for the qualifications you missed out on.

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With distance learning A Levels, it's never too late to study for the qualifications you want and need.

Whether you are looking to study your A Levels online, from home or at work, we have the perfect course to suit you.

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A Levels are widely recognised by employers and allow you to explore subjects in real depth, so that you can explore further into subjects that interest you.

A Levels add significant value to your CV. Whether you need them to progress on to further education such as university, or you need them to progress in your career, A Levels can really help accelerate your plans.

With Open Study College, you can study exactly the same course as someone in a traditional college, but with the flexibility and benefits of home learning.

Studying A Levels around your schedule

Studying your A Levels through distance learning at Open Study College is a more flexible way of achieving your goals without the commitment of attending college.

Not everyone is the same and actually attending college or sixth form is not for everyone…

Perhaps you are a full time carer for a family member or friend. Maybe you have a full time job. Or possibly you don’t work well in stressful environments.

Whatever your situation or background, our distance learning approach means that you can study your A Levels at your own pace, in your own environment. As long as you have your course materials and access to emails, you will be able to study your fully recognised A Level course.

There's no need to wait until September to start your A Levels. You can enrol with Open Study College at any time of year.

Studying from home means you can work towards your A Levels flexibly to suit your lifestyle, keeping your motivation high and eliminating any barriers.

What are A Levels?
  • A Levels are level 3 qualifications typically offered at colleges and sixth forms
  • Recognised and valued all around the world by all universities and employers
  • Each A Level is worth up to 56 UCAS points, allowing entry to UK universities and higher education colleges
A Level courses we offer

We offer a wide range of A Level courses online or from a study pack if you prefer. From science, to business, to psychology we offer over 20 course options for everyone. No matter what your interest or end goal, we will have a course to suit you.


Trusted Qualifications

The A Levels that we offer are fully accredited by one of three major awarding UK bodies, just the same as in any sixth form or college.

    • AQA awards more than half of all A Levels nationally
    • Edexcel is the largest UK awarding body
    • OCR is Europe’s largest assessment agency

The syllabus for each subject is chosen carefully to ensure that our A Levels are as well-suited to distance learning as possible.

Expert tutor support

All our tutors are highly qualified, with proven expertise in their subjects. So, you are guaranteed expert support in the subject you are studying.

They will offer you one-to-one academic support by email and will help you with any questions you have about your studies.

We also have a dedicated Student Support team for you to call in case of non-subject-related queries. If there's anything that you need, there will always be someone willing to help you.

High-quality course materials

Depending on how you choose to study your A Levels, you will either receive access to online course materials, or a printed study pack which is delivered to you.

Both of these study methods are designed to cover all course content in a clear, manageable chapters, with learning activities to record your progress.

Examinations and Practicals

With all our A Level courses, we give you the option to have your exams and practicals (where applicable) included in the cost of the course. We will book these for you, all you need to do is let us know when you are ready to take your exams!

If you would prefer the freedom of booking the exams yourself, we also offer courses without the exams included.

What Our Students Have to Say...

‘It’s a far more active way of learning and I’m able to learn what would have taken three days at school in three hours. It’s allowed me to study the course in a single year as opposed to over the course of two. It has also offered me the freedom to do other things and take other opportunities in my year out.’

Christian, A Level English Literature

'Distance learning allowed me to still get A Levels, whilst working and travelling at the same time. I did A Level work on my lunch break, on trains, on planes, (I wrote an essay about Wuthering Heights in Nashville airport).’

Lewis, A Level English and Literature and A Level Politics

‘After completing my GCSE, it spurred on to do my A levels which is completely new to me. I am now studying A Levels in English Literature and Philosophy. The most enjoyable part of my studies is that I’m studying because I want to, not because I have to.’

Alana, A Level English Literature and A Level Philosophy

'I have found the course materials detailed but also easy to understand, remember and follow, so top marks for that. I would definitely recommend this to someone who wants to be responsible for their education and has the self-discipline.'

Anna George, A Level Psychology

‘I work full time so needed a flexible approach to learning which would fit around my job. I chose distance learning as I know I can work it around my current commitments. I’m studying more for enjoyment but who knows what opportunities it may bring me.’

Suzanne, A Level Geography

How to Choose Your A Levels
  • Number- Decide how many subjects you'd like to study. Find out how many UCAS points you need if you want to go to University, or work out how much time you have to study each week.
  • Level of interest- Choose subjects that interest you the most. This is a good option for those who aren't sure of their career direction just yet.
  • Direction - If you have an idea of where you want to go with your career, try and choose some subjects that complement it.

If you are interested in studying one of our A Level courses through distance learning, download a prospectus, get in touch with one of our course advisors on 03300 563100 and take the next steps to transform your future.

Alternatively, take a look at the courses we have on offer.


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