Top 10 Most Desirable Jobs

We all had dreams of what we wanted to be when we grew up.
But now that we are actual “grown up”, how many of us are actually living out those dreams?
Whether they were popular dreams of becoming a teacher or an accountant…
…or those that are slightly harder to reach such as an astronaut or actress…
…either way, most of the adult generation in the UK have probably scaled their dreams down a bit due to societal pressures or lack of confidence.
But what if we told you there were desirable jobs that you could achieve without having to spend a fortune on training for…?

Top 10 Most Desirable Jobs

According to various surveys completed in the UK, the following career paths are the most desirable jobs within the UK.


Working with children is viewed as a very rewarding career. Shaping the minds of the future generation while having fun doing so – plus the holiday time is always a bonus!


It’s creative, it’s fast-paced and no two days are ever the same. Becoming a designer allows you to use your initiative and ideas to the best of your ability.

Office Manager

Managing an office offers enough of a challenge as it does enjoyment. You’ll be in control of ensuring everything runs smoothly in all departments while interacting with various people in various sectors.

IT Technician

There is always a need for IT Technicians as everything is technology based nowadays.


Just like IT Technicians, you will always be in demand. This high-paying career is one of our most popular subjects, too. Take a look at our Accounting courses.


If you’re into sports and athletics, what could be more satisfying that doing this for a living? Whether this be as a personal trainer or sprinter, you could be living out your dream.

Mechanical Engineer

A very niche but popular career, mechanical engineers get to work with their hands and explore their love of physics and engineering in many different forms.


With the job market in its current situation, people are always on the hunt for a new job and you can help them get there. Meet new people and learn new things while earning a great commission!

Brand Manager

With the responsibility of retaining a great image and integrity of a brand, this role comes with many benefits such as event appearances, radio and tv consultations and much more.


Get the best stories, travel the world and get paid to do it!
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Top 10 Most Desirable Jobs