The key to becoming a great boss

Do you want to become a great manager? Maybe you’re a boss in your current position, but struggling to manage your team? Well here are 5 skills you need to become a great boss:

Good communication

Whether it’s in written or verbal form, you should try and communicate in a way that everyone can understand. By using effective communication employees are  more likely to produce high quality work and perform better. If there are new policies or ways of working, make sure that your staff understand and know about these. Informing your employees about new changes will allow them to respect your position.

Listening skills

Listening to your employees will increase motivation and help improve your business. An open-door policy is a good way to encourage conversation, openness and honesty. They will then be able to talk to you if they are confused, need more guidance or have a personal problem. You should try to have regular meetings in order for new ideas and thoughts to be shared. If issues need to be dealt with on a one to one basis then make sure these are handled appropriately.

Maintain trust

It is important to fulfil your duties whilst sustaining the trust you have with your employees. This is very a important skill to have and can help your staff achieve their goals and tasks to a higher standard. A trusting boss will also give employees the confidence they need to feel secure with their decisions.

Believe in your employees

Support your employee’s growth within your business. Let them know that they are valuable to you and without them the business couldn't function and be successful. Support your employee’s in their growth and open up new opportunities for them to progress onto. Believing in your employees will increase motivation and help productivity.

Give feedback

Make sure you are constantly giving feedback - the sooner the better. Don’t leave it to the next formal meeting or performance review, as your employees will wonder why you didn't tell them sooner. This coach like relationship allows you to gain a rapport with your employees and in turn help the business to improve.
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The key to becoming a great boss