3 Reasons Why You Should Study a Child Nutrition Course

“Is there a difference between adult and child nutrition?”

  • More than you think. Children need a diet that incorporates a balance of vital vitamins and nutrients to help their development.

“Do I have to work in a school after studying this course?”

  • Not necessarily. There are many different careers that this course would be considered useful or necessary.

“What does a Child Nutrition course entail?”  

  • A Child Nutrition course allows you to understand the nutritional needs of children, why it is so important, and understand how to incorporate this into their lifestyles.

If these questions are something that you have ever wondered, then a Child Nutrition course may be just what you need to boost your skills and start your new career.
Don’t believe us? Then here’s 3 reasons why:

  • Moral Benefits

Wouldn’t you love to know that you are helping to shape the younger generation and teaching them how to be healthy? With the rate of childhood obesity rising in the UK, child nutrition is more important than ever. It will also help in many other ways; the cost of spending money on childhood weight-related health problems would be drastically reduced.

  • Career Options

Contrast to what the name suggests, there are more career options other than simply a Child Nutritionist. The skills and knowledge within this course can be branched out into other careers, such as:

  • Teachers
  • Guidance Counsellors
  • Child Psychologists
  • Personal Trainer/Fitness Trainer

The knowledge of child nutrition can be applied to many fields and boost your CV regardless of the industry.

  • Range of Courses

At Open Study College, we have a wide range of courses that include child nutrition:
Nutrition for Young Children Level 3
Diet Nutrition and Exercise for Children
Nursery Management and Nutrition for Young Children Level 3
Child Care Level 3 and Nutrition for Young Children Level 3
CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Nutrition and Health
Take a look at these courses or search our website for any more that you may be interested in. Or alternatively, talk to a student adviser on 03300 563100 to start your new career today!

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Sharnie Carter

3 Reasons Why You Should Study a Child Nutrition Course