What Employers Can Learn From Gareth Southgate

It’s not coming home. We know that. But that’s not to say that we can’t all learn something from the World Cup – especially from the English team.
Our boys have given a sense of community and hope, all being lead by a man with a vision and a sense of leadership.
Gareth Southgate is a strong leader in many aspects of the word. Not only with his team, on and off the pitch, but with the opposition, with the media, and with the public.
It’s admirable. But what’s more is it’s inspirational and replicable in many aspects of our own lives, especially within the workplace.

Personal experience

Southgate has played football for more than 30 years, with a career of successes to his name. Players take hope from this as it reassures them that he knows what he is doing and can lead them to greatness.
It’s this belief that fuels a business. A strong head of the business must know what they are doing in all departments. How is it possible to lead and direct something that you have never experienced yourself? Get involved in your business and learn it all. This will give you the knowledge of what is good, what isn’t working, and how to improve it all.

Leadership of the team

The role of a manager is to take ownership of and lead a team in all its efforts, something Southgate did from even before the offset of the competition right until their defeat - the mark of a true leader.
We can take inspiration from this for our own businesses. Setting clear goals accompanied with a plan for all work to towards establishes the business and focuses your team. And within this umbrella called leadership comes other necessary qualities, too.

  • The definition of roles and strategies allows everyone to have their place and know how they are contributing to the team’s success.
  • Managing expectations so your team know its capabilities and learn to grow from this as opposed to being overly disappointed in times of failure.
  • Analysing and review to improve every step of the way to accomplish your goals in the most effective way. This includes recognition and praise to keep the spirits and motivation of your team high.

Training and Development

We’re under no illusion that the boys of the England football team turned up on the pitch each match and played. It has taken years of hard work and training to get them to the point they are at, with Southgate playing a large role in this, especially so in the months leading up to the competition.
Training and development is a required component of a well-working team. Without them, the team members will never progress, hindering the progression and development of your business as a whole. It also provides your team members with the knowledge that you believe in them and want to help them become the best that they can be, resulting in a more productive workforce.
You may not be a fan of football, but we can all learn something from Gareth Southgate that can be implemented into our own lives and businesses for success.

“Sometimes you have to go through difficult times as a team, and failures, to learn and to improve.”

- Gareth Southgate

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What Employers Can Learn From Gareth Southgate