Love crime dramas? Maybe a career in Criminal Psychology is right for you

It can’t just be us who are really into crime dramas, can it?
There’s just something about unsolved cases and prison documentaries that keeps us intrigued for hours on end.
But maybe there is something to it.
Imagine how interesting it would be to work in an environment where everything you have seen on television was your reality?
And what’s more, you’d be able to uncover everything that goes on in the minds of the people involved.
Then maybe a career in Criminal Psychology is perfect for you.

What is Criminal Psychology?

Criminal Psychology is the study of the mind of those who have committed a crime.
This could vary throughout all aspects of criminality, and includes topics such as:

  • Biological, evolutionary and psychological explanations of criminal behaviour
  • The difference between abnormal behaviour and psychopathy
  • The criminal justice system
  • Child offenders
  • Trends within criminality

So, it’s safe to say that this career is not for the light hearted.
The career entails:

  • Supporting police investigations and ongoing cases
  • Working with offenders to rehabilitation
  • Studying new and different approaches to aid treatments

…the list goes on.

What do I need to study Criminal Psychology?

To become a criminal psychologist, you need quite a few of the same attributes as a general psychologist…
Patience and resilience to be able to break down the walls between you and your clients
Excellent communication to speak to a range of clients
Research skills in order to be able to assess the data and statistics presented
Problem-solving to come up with unsolved questions and queries
And in terms of qualifications, you can never have too many.
You will need to have at least an undergraduate degree qualification to be able to become a criminal psychologist. Most people who choose this career tend to study a Psychology degree before specialising in Criminal Psychology with further learning.
…that’s where we come in.

What courses are available?

Our distance learning courses are the perfect opportunity to expand your learning and focus your career within Criminal Psychology.
Criminal Psychology Level 3
Criminal Psychology and Psychological Profiling Level 3
Criminology Level 3 and Criminal Psychology Level 3
Take your pic and you could be working your way to becoming a real-life CSI agent…
Or if you’re feeling that bit more adventurous, why not study our Crime Scene Investigation CSI Level 3 course too? So not only will you get to understand the minds of criminals, but you’ll get to experience some crime scenes first-hand!
If you need any more help deciding, call our Student Adviser team on 03300 563 100. Otherwise visit our website to enrol at the click of a button!

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Love crime dramas? Maybe a career in Criminal Psychology is right for you