AAT Courses - Your Path to Accounting Success

Becoming an accounting is no easy task.
Maths alone is a challenging subject so hats off to those who are good at it. Then imagine adding measurements, processes and analysis of numerical data on top of that…
Sounds like a lot, right?
So if you have to go through all of that studying, learning everything there is to know, wouldn’t you want to be sure that you have the best possible chances of the best possible career when its all done?
That’s where AAT comes in!

What is AAT?

AAT is one of the leading membership organisations for the accounting industry. With over 120,000 professionals, it provides trusted and recognised qualifications that deliver experienced accounting knowledge to help improve career prospects and widen opportunities.

What do these courses entail?

At Open Study College, we offer several AAT courses that can help you work towards your dream career.
The cover all of the basics, including:

  • Bookkeeping Transactions and Controls
  • Element of Costing
  • Taxes
  • Work Effectively in Finance
  • Using Accounts Software

plus, much more.

How will it help my career?

In addition to covering all the required basics to succeed in your accounting career, AAT courses are internationally recognised by employers worldwide as they are highly sought-after accounting qualifications.
Choosing to study these courses shows a commitment to accounting and your career, as well as dedication and initiative which employers will appreciate; these skills make you stand out and boost your employability.

Will AAT courses help my earning potential?

Without question!
Having an AAT qualification will prepare you with the required skills for your job, putting you ahead of your competition and driving you further up the career ladder.
With AAT qualifications on your CV and several years of experience, chartered accountants can earn anything from £24,000 to £90,000 a year! – and that’s without even considering your yearly bonus!

How can I enrol?

Browse through our selection of AAT courses to see which one is right for you and your career needs. Once you’ve found the one you love, enrolment is just a click away.
Or if you need more information, give our Student Adviser team a call on 03300 563100 to start working your way toward your dream career today.

Interested in our courses?

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Sharnie Carter

AAT Courses – Your Path to Accounting Success