5 Skills you need to work in HR

The human resource department is very important in providing a successful running of a business. The key functions include recruiting the right people for the job, training them, giving performance appraisals, motivating employees as well as workplace communication, health and safety and much more! Take a look at these 5 skills you need in order to work in HR:


One of the most vital skills you must have in order to successfully work in HR is organisation. Anyone who works in this field should be well-organised. This means that paperwork should be filed away correctly and deadlines should be met on time.


The ability to negotiate is an essential human resource skill.  There will be negotiations with suppliers, such as recruitment agencies or training providers and differences of opinions between employees. Confidence is vital when negotiating, especially when providing an agreement which everyone is happy with.

Problem solving and resolving conflicts

As you know not every employee in your office will get along with each other and it will be down to you to solve problems and manage conflicts. You will need to make sure all co-workers work together in a civil manner so deadlines can be met and the product/service is completed to a high quality.


It is very important that you can communicate effectively to all of the employees and stakeholders that work/have an involvement with the business, in order for it to succeed. This can be in the form of writing, speaking, holding meetings and emailing.


As you will have a variety of things to get done on a daily basis, you will need to think about what may relate to each other and what is a completely different issue all together. By doing this you may be able to tick off more than 1 task at a time and therefore get your work done quicker. You must also know how to adapt to change in the office, so that the business continues to grow.
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Sharnie Carter

5 Skills you need to work in HR