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Top 5 most in-demand jobs

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If you’re looking for a new career then now is the best time to start your journey to achieving just that. Because of rising talent shortages, many jobs are seeing more vacancies than ever before. So check out these top 5 most in-demand jobs and see if your dream career is one of them:


The technology industry is fast growing and continually developing, so it is hard for businesses to find people with the latest skills. Therefore the demand for IT professionals is flourishing, particularly web designers and those with strong Java Script knowledge. So if you dream of a career in this field you’re in some luck! Achieve your perfect job in IT and you could earn up to £39,000! Take a look at our IT courses.


The vacancies in healthcare are always in demand. In December 2015 NHS statistics showed more than 23,443 vacant nursing posts and 6,207 positions for doctors in England, Wales and Northern Island. This is great news if you want to achieve a career in healthcare, especially if you want to be earning up to £100,000! Take a look at our Principles of Nursing Practice Level 3 course.

Accounting and Finance

The frequent changes in legislation and technology, has meant that businesses need to continuously hire those with the latest specialist skill-sets. People with expertise in accounting and finance are a vital part to running a successful business, which is why these jobs are always in demand. In the last six months there has been a significant 11% rise in the amount of vacancies within the industry. So why not kick-start your career with an accounting or bookkeeping course! Take a look at our Accounting and Bookkeeping Courses.


In 2015 positions advertised within the marketing industry increased by a huge 75%! As the UK’s economy picks up its pace more opportunities are becoming available. Jobs within the marketing sector are flexible, enabling people to work in any industry from motor and technology to finance and education. With salaries ranging from £18,000 to £100,000, working in this industry provides many perks! Take a look at our Marketing courses.


In April this year, there were roughly 40,692 teaching posts advertised, with an average annual salary of £29,571. The high amount of teaching vacancies is due to the rising pupil numbers and as schools are becoming fuller more teachers are needed. So if you’re thinking of gaining a career in the education industry now is the best time to do it! Take a look at our Teaching Assistant courses. Enrol now on one of our courses and boost your skills and knowledge to kick-start your career!

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