Crime Scene Investigation CSI Level 3

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Gain a fascinating insight into crime scene investigation.

  • This is an ideal course for those interested in working within forensic science, criminology, the police force and the criminal justice system
  • Designed for those who wish to gain a broad knowledge base of how crime scenes are investigated and dealt with
  • Study the collection of biological evidence such as DNA and fingerprinting
  • Understand the proper methods of collecting evidence from crime scenes where there is a dead body present
Course Overview

This course focuses on the work of forensic science professionals, taking you through crime scene management and what procedures are necessary for a thorough crime scene investigation.

The course will finally conclude with an outline of how evidence from a CSI case is presented in a court room before a judge.

Course Duration

Up to 1 year.

Study Hours

Approximately 120 hours.

Course Outcome

You will receive a Certificate of Achievement in Crime Scene Investigation CSI Level 3.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course.


Tutor Marked Assignments.

Course Content
  • Introduction
  • What is Forensic Science?
  • Locards Principle of Exchange
  • The beginnings of forensic science
  • Who and what?
  • Specialist forensic services
  • Introduction
  • Identifying a crime scene
  • The location of the scene
  • Crime scene procedures
  • Key areas of biological forensic evidence
  • DNA
  • DNA Extraction
  • Fingerprints
  • Odontology
  • Blood spatter analysis
  • Removing forensic evidence from a body
  • DNA
  • Fingerprints from the deceased
  • Fibres
  • Making an impression
  • Crime scene risk assessments
  • Legislation affecting the recovery of forensic evidence
  • Packaged for success
  • Recovering the item
  • Sealing and labelling evidence
  • Reporting the findings
  • Different forms of packaging
  • Chain of Evidence
  • Introduction
  • Writing a Statement
  • Advocate: assessing witness reliability
  • The court system