How to write a perfect assignment

Whether you are already familiar with writing an assignment or not, looking through these tips will help you remember and learn new ways to continuously produce those perfect assignments. So check out these tips to writing the perfect assignment:

Prepare and Plan

You should try to read the question a number of times and rewrite it into your own words to make sure you know what is asked of you.  Check and study the assessment criteria to understand how you can achieve those higher grades and draft out a plan so you know you have addressed everything that is needed. With your course materials and other resources gather together information that you can use in your assignment – just remember this must be relevant to the assignment.


Producing the perfect structure is vital in an assignment. You should follow this structure:

  • Introduction: Begin you assignment with a clear introduction outlining what the assignment will discuss, the aim and purpose and a brief background about what it will be based on.
  • Body: You should always include an argument about the assignment topic in the body of your paragraph. To do this each paragraph should contain a new point stating either an advantage or disadvantage. The information in each paragraph should be linked.
  • Conclusion: End your assignment with a conclusion which informs the reader the most important points made or main linkage of ideas. You should refrain from including any new information and instead give a comment, resolution or suggestion about the assignment question.

Never use ‘I’ and ‘you’ in your assignment, as academic writing is impersonal. Build on arguments, by using opinions and evidence from a variety of sources. Try to provide different perspectives so you can present a clear, unbiased assignment. If you need to add your overall opinion in your conclusion you should do so indirectly. For example use ‘in my opinion’ and avoid using ‘I think’.


All assignments submitted to Open Study College should be referenced in the Harvard format. When you have included quotes and information from other sources you should make sure these are referenced correctly. At the end of your assignment you need to provide a reference list which includes all the sources you have used. These need to be structured in an alphabetical order of the authors’ surname (A-Z). If the author is unknown you should still include the source alphabetically. For example: ‘BBC News’ would be listed under B. Take a look at how you can reference your work appropriately.
Don’t forget if you need any help with your assignments please get in touch with your tutor and they’ll be happy to help!
Good luck with writing your perfect assignment!

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Sharnie Carter

How to write a perfect assignment