How to make a study plan

Distance learning helps you learn when it's convenient but if you want to gain the qualification you need, then you'll need to manage your time effectively. That's why you should make a study plan.

What is a study plan?

It is an organised schedule that you can use to determine study times, learning objectives and goals. You can dedicate certain days and times for studying around all of your other commitments.  Determination and self-discipline will be needed to achieve success.

Create a table with your current activities

Make a one week time table and note:

  • The daily activities you partake in
  • When you are at work/school
  • When you are at home and with family
  • When you eat and sleep

Once you have done this, look for times you can dedicate your time to studying. These days and times may be consistent throughout every week.

Develop a schedule

From your current timetable, make a mark in your planner and calendar of all the available days and times devoted to studying. Make sure you block out your studying times on your calendar. You should do this by making it visible and bold, so you don’t forget it. You should also add the subject you are studying, in case you have more than one course to study. This will help you devote enough time to each.

Determine your study goals

Create goals at the beginning of each week. For example: what you plan to accomplish and why? Once you have decided on your study goals, you will need to transfer your goals into your study plan. For example what you will be working on when studying.

Stick to your schedule

Although having no strict deadlines is one of the numerous benefits of home learning, you should still stick to your schedule. Even if it is just a rough estimate of when you want to finish your assignments. You will feel a lot better by spreading your work load out throughout the duration of your course. Therefore you will not be rushing to finish it at the end.

Balance your schedule

By achieving a balanced schedule and making time for other activities, you will be more refreshed and devoted to studying when you come back to it. Make sure you give yourself some breaks or you will get discouraged and will be tempted to give up.

When you make a study plan - you'll give yourself a better chance of success

Increasing numbers of students are attracted to distance learning but unless you have the discipline to keep working through your course it's unlikely you'll achieve what you want to achieve. When you make a study plan, you're making a statement of intent. Make the plan and stick to it if you want to succeed.

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Sharnie Carter

How to make a study plan