5 Top tips to help tackle your exams

It’s that time of the year again – exam season! We understand that this is a very stressful period for you, which is why you need to read these 5 top tips on how to tackle your exams:

Are you stressing out?

You need to recognise if you’re stressing out and understand how to deal with pressure. Trying to perform the best you can by cramming in any last bit of information can cause you to go into panic mode. Take a break and let your brain rest. Go for a walk and get some fresh air. This will help clear your mind before you go back to your revision.

Avoid comparing abilities

We all despise of those people who brag about how much revision they have done or go on to tell us how they know everything. Try to ignore this and not compare yourself to them. Everybody has different revision approaches, so just make sure you use the method that suits you. Creating a realistic study timetable will help you plan your learning and keep you on track.


If you feel as though you are going into panic mode during the exam, sit back and breathe! Control it by taking deep breaths in and out the nose whilst counting to 5.


You should get a good night’s sleep the day before your exam. This will allow your brain to rest and help perform at its peak the following day. Research suggests that sleep plays an important role in memory, both before and after learning. Lack of adequate sleep affects mood, motivation, judgement, and your perception of events. So get your 8 hours sleep!

Exercise and eat right

Physical activity works best at de-stressing the mind. Try fitting this in your revision timetable. Doing exercise will make you feel better about yourself and freshen up your mind. Alongside this make sure you eat right. Eating fruit and vegetables will fuel your brain and improve your performance – so put down that chocolate bar!
Although things are intense at the moment, just think about the feeling you will have once you walk out the exam hall!
Make yourself proud and good luck, we know you can do it!

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Sharnie Carter

5 Top tips to help tackle your exams