5 Memory techniques to help your studying

When you are studying do you sometimes get that feeling that nothing’s going in and you can’t remember anything that you’ve looked at? Here are 5 memory techniques to help your studying...

Give it a meaning

You should try to assign meaningfulness to things. This can be done by applying knowledge to something important to you. For example: something you saw in a documentary or an everyday experience.

Keep going over information

Keep saying the information over and over again (speaking out loud is best). You should do this until you don’t need your notes in front of you. The more times you go over it the less likely you are to forget it. You should keep going back to what you have learnt throughout the day/week to see if you can still remember it.

Teach someone else

A great way that you can memorise something is by teaching someone else. This will determine whether you have understood and learnt the information. If no one wants to listen to you, you can always teach the wall, just make sure no ones looking first!

Use memory devices

There are many different devices to help with memorising. These include: mapping information, post it notes and note making. The best technique is using flash cards. These will help you break down information into smaller and easier chunks. This will be simpler to memorise and will be a quick memory buzz for you.

Rhyming and story telling

Putting information into a rhyme or story is another way of making it easier to remember. For example my very easy method just speeds up naming planets. This represents the order and names of planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
Taking these 5 memory techniques on board will help you defeat forgetfulness and get you on track to successful studying!

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Sharnie Carter

5 Memory techniques to help your studying