How can a study plan help boost your learning?

Did you know that a study plan can increase your exam results and memory recall among other benefits? A study plan will help you to achieve your academic goals, and get through the exam period stress-free without losing hair or sleep!

What is a Study Plan?

A study plan is a schedule created to block out chunks of time for you to dedicate to studying a chosen subject. The aim is to study consistently to achieve a desired exam result. They can be used to study for big exams, or even, everyday learning. If you want to absorb and understand your learning materials better then a study plan is an effective tool.

Essential Planning

A study plan is not just a timetable setting out when you are going to study. It defines your methodology for studying a certain subject, including when, where and how you will study. It helps you to feel organised and in control, covering all topics, rather than studying random topics at random times.

Set Targets

For each subject, set yourself mini targets to meet throughout your studies. Each time you reach one of these targets you will feel a sense of achievement. You will start to enjoy meeting these targets and it will motivate you to move on to the next one. Setting targets also helps you to prioritise your subjects, it could be as simple as knowing that you need to spend 10 hours studying a subject you need to work on, and only 4 hours on a subject you are already good at.

Mental Wellbeing

Studying regularly, rather than last minute cramming, helps to reduce your stress levels leading up to an exam. It’s also great for your mental health to create a study plan as it helps you to avoid panicking and studying into the early hours. Sticking to a study plan will also help improve your concentration and self-discipline levels, a huge boost to your mental wellbeing.  And, another bonus is that a study plan will help create more time for relaxation and leisure activities!

Just remember…

  • Don’t be too ambitious when setting your end goal
  • Be consistent and stick to your plan for effective studying
  • Ask for help or advice from tutors or mentors when you need it

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Sharnie Carter

How can a study plan help boost your learning?