How to Write the Perfect CV

January 18, 2018

Writing a perfect CV is the first – and often biggest – hurdle of finding a job.
It’s the first impression that a future employer will have of you, and the deciding factor on whether or not to invite you in for an interview.
Most employers spend less than 30 seconds scanning through each CV so yours needs to be the one that stands out amongst the rest.

  • Add a personal statement

Research your job and pick out the most relevant qualities that you have for the job; write a brief personal statement that highlights these qualities and your intentions for a career.

  • Mention your previous jobs in descending order

Your future employer will want to know what relevant experience you have, and writing about your other jobs will support this. Write some brief notes on your responsibilities, and the dates that you worked at each place.
N.B. Don’t leave gaps and make sure the dates add up! Employers can spot inconsistencies and this will work against you. Put a positive spin on unemployment: perhaps you studied a course with Open Study College, or did some volunteer work – mention it all.

  • Highlight your qualifications

Make sure your relevant qualifications stand out. If you were applying for a job in childcare, and had studied a CACHE Level 1 Award in Caring for Children with Open Study College for example, this is something that employers would want to see and could make your CV stand out.

  • Tailor your perfect CV to the relevant job

Your CV needs to have specific relevance to the job that you are applying to. If you are applying for a range of different jobs, create more than one that is tailored towards each field.

  • Make it aesthetically pleasing

As previously mentioned, employers spend minimal time glancing at CVs; making yours stand out is as much about aesthetics as it is about content. Ensure that it has a nice layout with clear and defined headings to improve organisation.
N.B. don’t go overboard! Keep is simple with colours and fonts; although it is to look nice, it must also look professional.

  • Keep it short and sweet

Not everything in your past will relate to your application. Your employers don’t need to know that you were in the Brownies when you were 8 years old… This information takes up valuable space and dilutes the quality of your CV – keep it as close to pages as you can.

  • Check it…then check it again!

Spelling and grammar mistakes will not go down well with future employers. If you can’t handle the basics of spelling before you start, how will you manage with the more difficult things that the job entails?
Here at Open Study College, we offer a CV Writing service free of charge to all our students once they have finished their course. With your new qualifications, we want to make sure you have the best start in the employment field as possible, so write the perfect CV for you.
So, if you’re thinking of signing up to a course, this is just another great reason why you should enrol with Open Study College.
Take a look at our courses online, or call our Student Adviser team on 03300 563100 to enrol today!

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How to Write the Perfect CV
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