How to study successfully using the 4 R’s

If you want to become a successful student then you need to consider using the 4 R’s strategy: review, reduce, recite and reflect. By using this you’ll be able to study effectively, learn more and improve your performance. So check out how the 4 R’s can help you when studying:


Keep reading your course materials thoroughly. Reading aloud is a great way to do this as it helps information enter your long-term memory. You should also try to mix up topics, so you don’t lose interest. If you feel like you've understood you material switch to something else, then come back to it later and see if you still remember it.


Once you've taken notes, summarise them. Identify the key points, concepts and dates and then write them up in your own words. Breaking down the information will help you to memorise information better and use your brain muscles.


This is one of the most active ways of studying and can help you to store information more securely. To do this effectively you should keep repeating your summarised notes aloud. This will then test your knowledge and help you discover the gaps in your memory.


After studying your course materials it is a good idea to reflect on what you have learnt. Thinking about the information can help you to personalise it. Ask yourself questions and try to relate it to your personal experiences. Some questions may include: why are these facts important? What experiences do I have that can relate to it? This will then enhance the reflective process.

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Sharnie Carter

How to study successfully using the 4 R’s