We share our top A Level exam tips

We know how stressful A Level exams can seem. But if we’re completely honest, most of the stress comes from the build up and anticipation of it all.
If you plan efficiently and prepare effectively, that won’t seem as intimidating as you think.
There are three different stages to your A Level exams:

  • Before the exams
  • During the exams
  • After the exams

Each of these stages are just as important as the other when it comes to studying and your mental health.
So, we have some A Level exam tips to keep you going and help you be as successful as possible in your exams.


  • Figure out how you learn best

Different types of learners will have different methods of studying that allow them to work to their best potential. Check out our blog on how to see what kind of learner you are.

  • Create a revision timetable

To get the most out of your study time, a revision timetable will help you to prioritise your studies, make the most of your time and allow you to realise your weak points.

  • Revise and practice old exam papers

Using old exam papers as a guide will allow you to understand the layout and format of your exam as well as show you how you work under the time restrictions.


  • Exercise regularly

Taking breaks is important and exercise is a great way to do this. It keeps your body healthy as well as clears your mind and helps you to de-stress.

  • Don’t dwell on questions or papers

Once you have finished an examination, leave it in the examination room. There is no point in discussing your answers with peers or dwelling on questions as there is nothing you can do to change it. Think ahead and focus on your next upcoming exam.

  • Eat a healthy and get a good night’s sleep

Your brain will be working in overdrive during your A Level exam period, so it is important to keep it healthy. Ensure you eat a healthy meal before exams and try to get at least 8 hours sleep per night to allow your brain to rest and digest the information it has taken in.


  • Stay positive

There is nothing more you can do to change the results, so it is not helpful to dwell and be negative. Think positively and focus on other things.

  • Celebrate!

They’re finally over! Take some time out to do something that you enjoy. You deserve it.
With these A Level exam tips, you're sure to be calmer and more successful during this exam season.

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We share our top A Level exam tips