Top 5 worst study myths

Finding the perfect study technique can help you tin being very productive, but these are definitely 5 study myths you need to stay well clear of. Avoiding these will help improve your learning performance and achieve those higher grades. So if you are guilty of any of these study myths then you need to rethink your studying strategy.

“To get good grades I need to spend all my time studying”

This is not true. You need to take a break from studying to enable your brain to relax. You should aim to have a 5-10 minute break after every hour of learning and only study a maximum of 5 days a week, no more! Following this structure will help you on the way to achieving good grades, whilst still having plenty of time left for yourself!

“Cramming information is the best way I study”

This method is ineffective. You should never try to cram in information, as this will only be stored into your short term memory and will not be retrained for a long period of time. In order for information to stick into your long term memory, you need to be constantly reminded of it. The best way to do this is to have short studying sessions where you can go over new information that you have learned. This will help you achieve those higher marks without trying to cram everything in one session.

“I complete my assignments at the last minute; procrastination does not affect my studying”

Leaving your assignments until the night before or completing it on the day it needs to be submitted can have a detrimental effect on your studying skills. It has been found that these types of people are usually the ones to participate in academic dishonesty and plagiarism. In order to avoid leaving your work until the last minute you should start by setting realistic goals, prioritising your studying over free time, making a to-do list and giving yourself deadlines to work from – getting organised is key!

“I can study whilst watching TV”

This is definitely the worst way to study! Watching TV will make you lose focus and distract you from your studies. Sitting there in front of your TV will make it look like you are studying, but actually you are spending most of the time watching what’s on the sceen and potentially spending more time on your studies than is necessary. You should learn in a quiet environment such as a library or a room in your house. Eliminate all distractions, especially your TV! This will help you stay concentrated and be more productive.

“I’m the only person with anxiety about exams”

More people than you think have anxiety about their exams. Everyone that cares about their overall grade and mark will have some level of anxiety. If they tell you they don’t then they do not care about their studies at all. Statics show that those who show an optimal level of anxiety in an exam perform better than those that don’t. However try not to be highly stressed as this could have a negative effect on your performance. To make sure you achieve those higher grades you should be prepared for your exam, show up on time, have your supplies ready and get comfortable. Remember to keep calm and do your best!
Avoid these study myths and you'll be on your way to successful studying!

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Passionate about marketing and education. Currently studying a CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing via distance learning. When I'm not working or studying, I'm spending time with my young son and husband or hinching!

Top 5 worst study myths