Top 5 Interview Mistakes

Have you got an interview lined up? Then you will need to avoid these top 5 interview mistakes:

Lack of preparation

One of the most vital mistakes that nearly everyone makes is not preparing for their job interview. You should try to predict some of the tough questions that may come up and gather some answers together. Before the big day you should also research the company, this will show you are interested in working with them.

Not matching communication styles

Many people make the mistake of not effectively communicating to their interviewer. You should let them set the tone in order to make you both feel at ease and allow the conversation to flow naturally. A technique that you should use is mirroring. This is the best way for you to bond and connect with your interviewer.

Talking too much

Interviewers switch off from people that talk too much and believe they cannot get to the point. You should talk for just enough time for you to get your point across with including relevant information. Interviewers also find that people who are nervous are prone to be talkative. So practice answering questions that you might be asked in advanced and avoid being too talkative.

Negative comments

Saying negative things about your last employer will be viewed as disrespect. Even if you have a lot of reasonable complaints from you previous work, you should try and put a positive spin on your experiences.

Giving information on salary and earnings

By speaking freely about your current income could weaken your earning potential. The wage offered to you could be a lot more that your current wage, however by giving them this information could mean they decrease their offer.
Avoiding these 5 simple mistakes could be the difference between you and your perfect job!
So go and successfully defeat that dreaded interview!

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Top 5 Interview Mistakes