New year, new career? Why so many are looking for more rewarding work

The beginning of a new year is a key time for reflection. This year, as we head into a new decade, I feel more than ever people are looking at their lives and considering if they are where they really want to do in life. Would a new career involving more rewarding work make you happier?

Of course, the ‘new year, new me’ resolution is often short-lived, but nonetheless, this time of year is definitely a key time for making changes and having a good hard look at yourself.

Working towards a new career

For us, in the education industry, we
often see a spike in new students enrolling during January, as many people
decide to add a new qualification to their CV, take on a new skill in order to
change career direction, or choose to study a new course for personal

It really highlights how crucial
learning is to people when they choose to make a change.

But what we find interesting at Open Study College is the reasons that people decide to make a change. We know the main reasons are often location and salary, but passion is also key to achieving job satisfaction. It’s now more important than ever to seek out a role that provides a great work-life balance, and with this has come a desire to work in a worthwhile and truly rewarding career.

In a survey we carried out last year, we found that almost half of Brits describe themselves as being stuck in a ‘boring or unrewarding’ job, and 35 per cent described their work as soul-destroying. The study also found 47 per cent of disillusioned workers admitted to simply clocking in for the daily grind but have nothing to excite them at work.

There was, however, a strong feeling amongst the 2,000 people surveyed, that if they had additional qualifications they could be in a more fulfilling role. In fact, 31 per cent believed they could earn more if they had additional qualifications.

Looking for more rewarding work? A career in education be the answer...

Due to this, a key area of interest for people is often focused around obtaining qualifications to support truly rewarding careers. Of course, there are the more obvious areas such as nursing or care work, but another area that gives a lot back is actually being involved in a child’s education. Roles such as teaching assistants and SEN support, through to wider pastoral jobs, supporting the emotional welfare of students such as a school counsellor, are all positions that would fulfil a desire to do a more ‘worthwhile’ and rewarding job.

While we know
these careers are well respected, they are often overlooked as fantastically
rewarding jobs that really give back to students and support the wider
community. Whether supporting children or teens requiring additional support in
wider learning situations, these roles are vital and hugely appreciated by
those that benefit.

At Open Study College we offer courses and qualifications that provide a great route into such roles, including teaching assistant qualifications through to specific learning support roles, such as Understanding Autism Level 3 or CACHE Level 3 Award in Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities.

So, for anyone seeking
out a more fulfilling career and great job satisfaction this decade, this could
be the perfect calling for you!

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Samantha Rutter

As a founding shareholder and Director, I'm incredibly proud of what we have achieved at Open Study College, using experiences throughout our professional lives to build OSC to a multi million pound business. Starting the business from our family home over 12 years ago, and staying true to our core family values, we've created a strong team of 45 people plus our 70+ tutors dotted around the country - and we're still growing!

New year, new career? Why so many are looking for more rewarding work