Six steps to career progression: An experts guide

For most people, we all have some personal and professional goals that we set out to achieve. Whether it’s a pay rise, a promotion, securing a new job, or finding a job you’re happier in - we all have something we would like to work towards and become successful in. 

Ahead of National Careers Week, our Career and Education Expert here at Open Study College, Robbie Bryant, provides six simple steps to help achieve your career progression goals. 

Gain qualifications 

The first thing an employer looks for in a candidate is qualifications. Not only will they look at how impressive your grades are, but also how well they match the role in which you have applied for. Great companies hire good people who are willing to learn and are not afraid to educate themselves. So don’t miss out, get those vital qualifications you need to pursue your desired career. 

Get experience

You are more likely to be successful with your job hunt if you have already completed some relevant work experience. It will enable you to showcase your skills in the world of work and help you to take on some interesting and challenging responsibilities, which you can use as evidence to your next employer. So, make yourself more employable and become more likely to land your dream job by taking on some work experience – whether that’s paid or voluntary!


Networking within the industry you are looking to work within is important. LinkedIn is the perfect resource tool, so connect with people in the industry and find out more about them. This can make all the difference, particularly if you are applying for a job within a specific company, showing an interest on LinkedIn will help you get noticed.

Gradual steps

Be proactive and start taking steps in the direction of your dream job. Whether it's reading and developing your knowledge or reaching out to people in your desired job position - these steps can really help in gaining a foot in the door. A small action can lead to your successful future!

Remember that any progress is good progress. 


Try and find a mentor who works within the industry, who can offer guidance and help you get into the career you are hoping for. Finding one might sound daunting, but networking events such as conferences, virtual events and seminars are perfect to find someone who will be happy to guide you. In many industries you can even sign up to mentoring schemes.

Tailored CV

I cannot stress this enough, it's very important when applying for jobs to have slightly different versions of your CV that highlight the skills required in that specific job role. Often for a job application, hundreds of CVs will be submitted, so it's important you show your capabilities and match the skills you have to the skills they are looking for.

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Six steps to career progression: An experts guide