The truth about what employers actually look for in a candidate

Competition for your dream job is going to be high, but if you know what employers are looking for in a candidate then you’ve already got that foot in the door! So check out these 4 things employers look for in a perfect applicant:


The first thing an employer looks for in a candidate is qualifications. Not only will they look at how impressive your grades are, but also how well they match the role in which you have applied for. The qualifications you achieve are the perfect start for your career. So don’t miss out, get those vital qualifications you need to purse your desired career. A qualification could be the difference between you and getting your dream job. Start studying that all-important qualification with Open Study College today!

Correct skills

Have you got the required skills for the job? Some of the common skills which are important to employers include: self-motivation, professionalism, communication, team work and problem-solving. If you have a specific career in mind try to think about what abilities would be beneficial to that role. Conducting research into the company’s core values would definitely help with this!

A targeted job application

A clearly targeted job application will always allow you to shine! It shows that you have taken the time to really think about the company and the job role you are applying for. If you have any other documents that could make you stand out include these. By studying one of our courses you will receive the opportunity to have your CV re-written by one of our recruitment experts. So attracting employers has never been easier and stress-free!

Drive and ambition

Employers look for someone who is ambitious and has passion in their company role. If you really believe that you are the best person for the job, show and prove to them you are! Tell them that you are willing to develop and learn new things and you are really interested in the job.
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The truth about what employers actually look for in a candidate