Have you thought about studying a Stress Counselling course?

There are so many different branches of counselling that it can be hard to choose which to specialise in.
If you want to progress in a counselling career, have you thought about studying a Stress Counselling course?

What is Stress Counselling?

Well to be honest… it’s pretty much what is say on the tin.
Stress counselling is a branch of counselling that focuses on helping those with stress-related problems. This involves listening to clients, understanding where the stress has developed, and offering solutions on how to resolve the stress.
Along with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Grief Counselling, Stress Counselling is a leading form of counselling and a great path for those who want to further their career.

What does a Stress Counselling course entail?

Our Stress Counselling Level 3 course is aimed towards improving your knowledge in this subject.
It is a perfect choice for those who are currently in a counselling role but would like to widen or specify their skillset.
The detailed level 3 course covers:

  • Understanding stress and its triggers
  • A range of approaches towards stress counselling
  • Theories and their applications
  • Communication and dealing with clients

How will this course help my career?

Having additional courses and qualifications on your CV is a great way to boost your career prospects.
You may choose to work for a counselling clinic, in which case your future employers will value the added knowledge. They will also appreciate the fact that you are passionate enough about your career to take up additional studies.
If, however, you choose to be a freelance or self-employed counsellor, you will need this added knowledge and experience to gain clients. When choosing a counsellor, clients will want to ensure that they choose the best possible person.
The very best stress counsellors can earn anything upwards of £26,000, with the average being £31,000!
Think you would fit the bill?
Then give our Student Adviser team a call on 03300 563100 to discuss your options. Or check out our website to enrol at the click of a button.
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Have you thought about studying a Stress Counselling course?