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How studying benefited Steven’s mental health

Student student

“Open Study College has helped me so much. They kept me focused and got me out of a really dark place when I hit rock bottom. I really do thank them so much for that!”

Steven has studied for not one, but two courses with us. He completed and passed his level 3 personal training course and is now working towards his level 3 course in Mental Health and Social Care. Given the coronavirus pandemic forced gyms to temporarily close, Steven was unable to pursue his career personal training, so describes how he has been using his time to study via distance learning instead.

I choose distance learning as it helps me concentrate at home, and I can work around it with no set time limits. Learning via Open Study College means that I can go at my own pace and time, I can plan my studies around my life – not the other way around.

At this moment I have unfortunately been made redundant. I was meant to start working at a gym following the personal training course I completed with OSC, but because of the recurring lockdowns that new starting position has been delayed again.

I enjoy going to the gym, but workwise I love being able to help people that want to start their journey into fitness, as well as helping others that are suffering with their mental health, the same way I have been helped and supported in the past.”

Steven’s passion for personal training and mental health and wellbeing are elements that complement each other well, and he hopes to combine these skills in the future.

Once I’ve completed this second course in mental health and social care, my plan is to combine the skills and knowledge gained through my level 3 personal training course with this one and start my own business. I’d really like to teach people about the benefits of exercise and how it plays a huge part in helping with mental health. I’d like to create an environment where people can come and won’t be judged or feel embarrassed when talking about how they’re feeling.

The most challenging part for me is when it comes to the submission of the essays and assignments. You can feel scared about whether you have done it right and whether or not you will pass! But the buzz you get when you learn and get started really motivates you and the interaction between myself and OSC is incredible.

Open Study College has helped me so much. They are always there for me even if it is to simply have a chat. They have kept me focused and even got me out of a really dark place when I hit rock bottom. My mental health took a turn for the worse, so I came to OSC for help and started studying. I really do thank them so much for that!

If someone were interested, I would strongly advise them to go ahead with distance learning especially with Open Study College. Not only are you able to learn something new all the time, you are building a path for your new career. Go and do it, trust me you will not regret it!”

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