Top 40 signs you're in an unrewarding job

What is a rewarding or unrewarding job? It means different things to different people, but most of us would like to be able to put a green tick in the job satisfaction box.
Our recent research via OnePoll has revealed that almost half of Brits are stuck in a 'boring or unrewarding job'.
We polled 2,000 employed adults to find out more about how they feel about their everyday roles, and the results were surprising.
35 per cent of those polled describe their work as 'soul destroying', yet nearly 6 in 10 said they had no plans for progression in their current role.

Why do people stagnate but do nothing about it?

Our research showed that a third of those who describe their current job as a 'dead end' confess that they actually like it that way because it's steady and they never get in trouble. A quarter think they're unqualified for a more rewarding job, while 1 in 5 confess to being too lazy to change career. The knock on effect of this is that a significant proportion of those polled think that having a dull job has also made them less interesting outside of work.
While these are disappointing statistics and attitudes, all is not lost. Through distance learning, even disillusioned employees can boost their skills, qualifications and confidence at their own pace - either by studying a work related course for career progression or a career change, or choosing a subject purely for enjoyment, like our Animal Care student Susan.
Our CEO, Samantha Rutter, says:
“We spend a huge amount of time at work so it’s important to be doing something you enjoy and get some satisfaction from. For some, picking up a steady paycheque is enough to keep them coming back year after year. But after a while, even a regular income seems to struggle to keep people engaged and excited about work.
“Sometimes simply learning a new part of the role or doing some extra training can really help boost what you get back from your job, making it feel like less of a chore.”

The top 40 signs you're in an unrewarding job

How many of these can you tick? As few as possible, hopefully!

  1. You're bored
  2. You start clockwatching by noon
  3. It's hard to get out of bed in the mornings
  4. You've lost the passion
  5. You are just in the job for the money
  6. You call in sick... when you're not sick
  7. You're out the door the minute your workday ends
  8. You're annoyed before you even get to work
  9. You don't care if you're late
  10. When people ask how your day at work was, you never have anything to say
  11. You become easily irritated
  12. You fantasise about having another - stress-free - job
  13. Your productivity levels are constantly decreasing
  14. You haven't learnt any new skills at work in ages
  15. You become stressed easily
  16. You start to question your purpose within the business
  17. You begin to question whether you are in the right field / look at jobs in different industries instead of finding a similar one to your current job
  18. You're constantly procrastinating
  19. You don't like the people you work with
  20. You've signed up to job board alerts
  21. Your ideas are not being heard/ valued
  22. You have a bad work-life balance (finish work too late/often work overtime at home)
  23. You haven't had a pay rise in ages/ ever
  24. You struggle to sleep worrying about work the next day
  25. The commute annoys you
  26. You stay up late because you don't want it to be tomorrow
  27. You do life admin during work time
  28. You find yourself jealous of your friends' jobs
  29. You moan about the boss
  30. You take full advantage of your hour lunch break
  31. Ungrateful clients/customers annoy you
  32. Colleagues get credit for doing loads of work when they don't
  33. You don't make effort with your appearance
  34. You don't see your friends/family enough because you're constantly tired
  35. You struggle to keep on top of work load
  36. You go for early/long lunches
  37. You do more work than your boss/bosses
  38. You're constantly booking holidays
  39. You don't feel comfortable asking for a payrise
  40. You get calls from the boss out of hours/at the weekend

Are you in an unrewarding job?

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Top 40 signs you're in an unrewarding job