Image of Nutrition student Jamie's distance learning experience

Nutrition student Jamie's distance learning experience

“Tutor support is invaluable when studying via distance learning, my tutor helped me achieve a distinction!”

Jamie, 25, Isle of Man

Nutrition student Jamie recently completed his first course with Open Study College and achieved a distinction in Nutrition Consultant Level 3. During his studies, Jamie worked at a charity helping children and young people in care, which is one of the main reasons why he chose distance learning.

He said: “I was working full time and was unable to commit to a course that demanded full-time hours, so Open Study College was the perfect opportunity for me.

“I enjoyed the ease of distance learning and the fact that it can be done in my own time. There are no lessons, and I can work at my own pace.”

However, the absence of physical lessons didn’t leave Jamie feeling unsupported during his time with Open Study College, as his tutor provided the guidance he needed. Jamie commented: “My tutor, Scott, was exceptionally supportive. He helped me achieve a distinction and applied literally no pressure; he was really easy going but still made some very helpful suggestions for me to improve my grade.

“He was the ideal tutor for me as I prefer to do the work myself and just crack on, and he helped me improve my attitude towards my studies. I wish I had engaged with Scott right at the beginning of the course as I believe that he would have changed my outlook even sooner.

“I now work at a college myself and I have seen good and bad tutors, and Scott at OSC is one of the greats in my eyes; he is a perfect example of what a tutor should be.

“I would highly recommend distance learning as it’s very easy and there is no pressure of being in a classroom if you struggle with social anxiety or don’t like being in a classroom environment.”

Now that Jamie has completed his studies, he is going to be applying his knowledge and expertise in a variety of ways. He explained: “I am creating a document that can be used for the charity I worked for to support the children’s homes in making improved food choices, as nutrition resources are low. I am also looking to apply this for my fiancé during her pregnancy and post-baby journey. I love nutrition and learning about the effects food can have on our bodies.”

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Nutrition student Jamie’s distance learning experience

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