Wind down with a mindfulness course

Stress is a natural part of everyone’s lives and can be handled in many ways. This mindfulness course will give you an insight into mind-body approaches that deal with people’s thoughts and opinions. So if you are interested in looking at how our brain works, especially in different institutions and situations such as: schools, criminal justice, pregnancy and the workplace, then this course is for you!

Understand the historical development of mindfulness

Before you begin to learn about mindfulness this course will give you background knowledge about what it actually means and when it all began. So if you want to know how to prevent someone’s mood changing and emotional state, then the first module is for you.

Explore mediation and its challenges

Meditation plays a big part in mindfulness. This technique is a natural process and allows your mind to become calmer and more focused. There are 9 stages of meditation:

  • Placing the mind
  • Placement with continuity
  • Patch-like placement
  • Close placement
  • Controlling
  • Pacifying
  • Complete pacification
  • Single-painted concentration
  • Placement with equanimity

This course will allow you to come to terms with these processes and help you gain the knowledge to teach others how to meditate.

Develop knowledge of Mindfulness in different contexts

Mindfulness can be used in a number of instances. It is particularly useful for people suffering with depression and mental health issues. Mindfulness can be an important part of people’s lives and can help them with their problems, significantly. By improving your knowledge with our mindfulness course, you could help someone in the future.
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Wind down with a mindfulness course