Why Female Entrepreneurship Means Global Success

For many years gone by, women have been fighting for their place within the male-dominant workforce.
Not only does equality promote confidence and self-worth amongst women, it allows the global economy to succeed and opens more opportunities for future generations. As a society, we all thrive when we all thrive – meaning having equal amounts of female to male success is not a threat or hinderance; it is a benefit to us all.
Take America as an example. Only 30 percent of successful businesses in America are owned by women, whereas the entire world population of women in 2017 was 48 percent.  If this female population were given equal opportunities, the world would profit as a whole. More successful businesses mean more workplace vacancies and lowers the unemployment rate. A lower unemployment rate means a higher economic contribution resulting in a larger distribution communities. The only plausible way to do this is to provide women with equal opportunities for success.
The AI Awards reflect this attitude in their Influential Businesswoman Awards campaign. They believe that “gender equality is the only solution for a sustainable economy” and, as such, are praising women in significant or influential positions for their contribution to society. Difficulties that women face in the workplace are used to “[promote] and [encourage] women to take part in entrepreneurial endeavours.”
This is why we are proud to announce that our CEO, Samantha Rutter, has been awarded the Most Influential Woman in e-Learning at the 2018 AI Influential Businesswoman Awards.
As one of the 1.5 million women in the UK who are self-employed, this global accolade allows Samantha to fuel other women into achieving more and celebrating all successes.
At Open Study College, this is the ethos that we aim to deliver. By providing recognised qualifications and courses through distance learning, we allow our students to achieve their full potential and break down the barriers restricting their success.
With 78% of our students being women, the importance of this win is even more significant. Often finances, lack of training opportunities, personal commitments or lack of confidence can hinder female progression, but our objective is to provide them with the tools to pave their own way.
You can find the full details about this campaign and more on the AI website.

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Sharnie Carter

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Why Female Entrepreneurship Means Global Success