How We Can Help You Become A Counsellor

Making the decision to become a counsellor can seem like a big step to take.
Maybe you’re starting a new career from scratch.
Maybe you need to enhance your skills as part of an existing job.
Or maybe you just fancied a change in life…
…whatever the context, Open Study College can help you become a counsellor thanks to our extensive list of expertly developed courses.

Where do I begin?

Planning the best route to become a counsellor needs to be highly considered. The learning process takes time, patience and money so you need to be certain of what you want.
Most counsellors have a specialist area of expertise and choosing yours is just the beginning. Research the different specialisms and then decide how you want to get there.
Currently there is no statutory regulation within this field, so you can improve your chances and career prospects by enhancing your knowledge of your chosen area.
With 16 knowledge-based courses, Open Study College is the best place to start your journey. Here’s an example of some of our popular courses, which provide the best information to get you started:

CBT and Counselling Level 3

One of our best bundles, this course focuses on the areas of Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, CBT is one of the most popular choices for counsellors to add to their repertoire.
Refine your knowledge of the key counselling skills and approaches, while developing your additional knowledge of CBT theories and techniques.

Advanced Counsellor and Psychotherapist Level 4

This course explores the communication and interpersonal skills necessary to become a counsellor. Understand how to assess situations and problems, while exploring the regulation of the profession and learning how to set up your own practice.

Counselling Children & Adolescents Level 4

A theory-based course, this looks at the different practices of approaching young people and adolescents within counselling. Study and gain an understanding of children and their cognitive development, as well as a detailed knowledge of different counselling approaches.
This is just a small sample from our list of options to explore. Take a look through all our courses here, or give our Student Adviser team a call on 03300 563100 and decide which is best for you and your future as a counsellor.

Interested in our courses?

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How We Can Help You Become A Counsellor