Considering a career as a Nutritionist? Here's what you need to know

Nutritionists play a valuable role in society, helping people to live healthier lives and make better food choices. As the nation’s waistlines continue to expand, so does the need for Nutritionists. It's a stable career choice for anyone who has an interest in food science, and wants to help other people live better lives.

What is a Nutritionist?

Basically, a Nutritionist is an expert in dietary needs. They understand how different foods affect your body and well being. A nutritionist will act as a consultant, helping people to create meal plan to form healthier eating habits.
Nutritionists step in when someone experience’s a health problem which is affected by their diet. This could be a pregnant woman with Gestational Diabetes who needs to carefully manage her diet and weight gain throughout pregnancy to ensure her baby is as healthy. Or, it could be someone who has developed an eating disorder and needs to improve their relationship with food to gain weight in a healthy manner.
The job of a Nutritionist tends to include the following tasks:

  • Discuss dietary issues and analyse their patients’ eating habits
  • Educate patients about the importance of including specific foods in their diet
  • Develop meal plans that promote their patient’s health and well being
  • Work with schools, community centres and workplaces to develop and provide a balanced diet for children, community members and employees

What are the benefits of becoming a Nutritionist?

  • Nutritionists have a high job satisfaction rate because of their role in helping to improve their patient’s health and well being
  • There are opportunities to become self-employed and adopt a flexible work schedule
  • Job security is high because Nutritionists are in demand now more than ever
  • Nutritionist salaries are higher than the average person’s wages
  • You have the opportunity to work in many different environments including; public health, community, industry, charities, overseas aid projects, research or even your own business

How do I become a Nutritionist?

There are no set entry requirements to work as a Nutritionist, however most have qualifications, usually at degree or masters level.
To get you on track to become a qualified, respected Nutritionist, the starting position you can take is to achieve 3 A Levels, including Biology. You can then go on to study Nutrition Science at university.
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Sharnie Carter

Considering a career as a Nutritionist? Here’s what you need to know