Careers in Social Care - what you need to know

A career in social care can be very rewarding and enjoyable. Mainly because you will have a positive impact on someone’s life every day, and make a real difference. Not to mention, a huge sense of achievement knowing that you're helping people’s health, well-being and happiness.
Did you know?... Currently, 1.48 million people work in the social care sector, and it's forecast to grow for the foreseeable future. As a result, it’s a secure career choice if you're interested in working with people with disabilities, special education needs or the elderly.

Are you well suited to a career in Social Care?

You will need the right values, behaviours and attitudes to work in the industry and enjoy your work.
Most employers will ask for A-C grades  in GCSE English and Maths. Some may even want a qualification such as CACHE level 2 Certificate in Health and Social Care. Other useful skills include team-work, problem solving, writing skills and the ability to use your own initiative.
Most importantly, you will need certain qualities to be great at your job:

  • Treat people with dignity and respect
  • Be a good listener and communicator
  • Be reliable
  • The ability to understand and follow instructions and procedures
  • Be empathetic and understand other people’s emotions

What career path could I take?

The range of environments you could work in in the social care industry, include the community, or at people’s homes, or even a residential service such as a care home or a supported housing scheme. The NHS are the largest employer in the UK’s social care industry, however there are also opportunities to work in the private sector.
Many career paths are open to those wanting to work in the sector. There are also plenty of opportunities to progress into a management position. Here are a few examples of jobs in social care:

  • Social Worker
  • Personal assistant
  • Care Assistant
  • Activities Worker
  • Youth and Community Worker
  • Play Therapist
  • Youth Offending Team Officer

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Sharnie Carter

Careers in Social Care – what you need to know