Want A Career In Project Management? We Can Help!

  • Project Management is being able to employ methods, knowledge, skills and leadership to a certain project in order to achieve an objective.

So that’s the first step out of the way… defining what it is.

  • You must be organised, resourceful and have good leadership skills in order to begin a career in this field, and you may require some form of qualification or course.

And the next step… identifying what you need.

  • If you study a Project Management course at Open Study College, it will take up to a year to complete; at the end, you will have an accredited certificate of completion and be able to pursue your career.

The final step… setting goals to work towards a specific outcome.
This is an example of project management; you will need to define, organise and plan a task in order to work towards the completion of a goal.

Why not start with yourself?

At Open Study College we are here to help you plan your future and begin your career.
You’ve already done the hard part: you have identified what it is that you want to do. Now it is time to research and decide how you are going to get there. We have a range of courses that suit all abilities and sectors, and it is just up to you to decide which is best.
Our courses vary from APM Introductory Certificate in Project Management and Project Management Level 3 to Prince2 Foundation Project Management – the choice is yours.
These courses cover the necessary foundations of project management as well as teaching you essential interpersonal and life skills.
Dependent on which you choose, you will be assessed through a series of written assignments or a final examination.

What do I do next?

All that is left for you to do is choose a course and get enrolled.
Browse the variety of courses on our website or give our Student Adviser team a call on 03300 563100 to start your dream career today!

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Sharnie Carter

Want A Career In Project Management? We Can Help!