How a positive working environment creates better customer service

Many businesses value the customer as the vital element to success. And while this is true, there is a chain of value that proceeds the customers, which creates better customer service.

“Treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your customers.”

- Stephen R. Covey

Great customer service is something that can be taught and learned; if employees receive respect and are treated in a way that pleases them from higher level management and their peers, they are more likely to replicate this in how they talk to customers.
Yes, it is your employees’ job to provide excellent customer service regardless of how they are treated, but this will be a lot easier if they are in a positive environment that they trust and value working in. Not only does this result in a better and more productive workforce, it translates into a better customer service journey:

  1. Employers provide a warm environment with respect and trust…
  2. Employees feel valued, enjoy their job and put more effort into their role…
  3. Strong relationships with customers are built…
  4. Customers receive a great customer service journey…
  5. Customers are more likely to return and recommend the business due to the positive experience they received.

The importance of consistency in creating trustworthy and reliable customer journeys stretches back to a brand or company itself.
Take Open Study College for example; a distance learning business with customers of all ages, backgrounds and intentions at its heart. A business like ours is founded on the intention of providing accessible education to those who need it. So, it would be a paradox to have a business aimed towards customers but then not following through by providing the best possible customer journey experience.
This ethos runs throughout the business from the top. Respectful and appreciative employers who value the team, and a hard-working team with an “open, honest and responsive philosophy [that] features key ingredients required for exceptional customer service.”
That’s why we believe we have recently been awarded Silver Stevie Winner for Customer Service in the 2018 International Business Awards. The Stevie Awards, as they are also known, recognise the accomplishments and contributions of companies and business people worldwide, and it is Open Study College’s display of customer service that have allowed us to achieve this recognition.

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Sharnie Carter

Passionate about marketing and education. Currently studying a CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing via distance learning. When I'm not working or studying, I'm spending time with my young son and husband or hinching!

How a positive working environment creates better customer service