6 Ways to Take the Stress out of Exams

Exams are stressful, but there are plenty of things you can do to ease your stress and keep yourself calm and collected when you walk into your exam. Less stress means you can focus on the important stuff and ensure you do the best you can!

Always be Prepared

It goes without saying that you need to ensure you are prepared for your exams. Once you have booked your exams, make a revision plan, giving yourself plenty of time to revise everything you need to beforehand.
Being prepared can help take the stress away as it gives you the control. There won’t be any last minute anxiety, as you would have covered everything you needed to in plenty of time. Keep your exam dates in mind throughout your study period.
It’s also a good idea to ensure that all topics are covered at least a couple of weeks beforehand, so you can have time to revisit anything you don’t feel confident with. You then also have time to take some practice exams.
Preparation is everything when it comes to exams.

Be confident

Confidence is key in exam situations. It’s no good going into the exam room thinking you are going to fail. You need to walk confidently into your exam knowing that you have done the best you can and to give it your all. It’s mind over matter.
It’s easy us advising you to be confident, but actually believing yourself is harder. Try replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. ‘I can and I will’, instead of ‘I can’t’.  You’ve got this!

Remember your goals

You are taking these exams for your future, so keep reminding yourself of your goals. Goals are the perfect motivation to keeping yourself on track with study, revision and throughout the exam. Whether that’s the promotion you want, the career you’ve been dreaming of or a place at university, keep that motivation and end goal in mind, all the time!

Eat and Sleep Well

You need to take special care of yourself on the run up to your exam. Getting plenty of sleep will ensure your concentration levels are high and you aren’t drifting off when you study.
A few months before your exam, get yourself into a bedtime routine. Ensuring you are in bed at the same time every night can prepare your body to relax beforehand and, in turn, you will sleep much better. Sleeping well leads to better concentration. At least a week before your exam, ensure you are sleeping for a full 8 hours, if not more.
Make sure you maintain a healthy diet and try cutting out sugary foods if you can. Foods with added sugar will give you a short energy boost called a ‘sugar high’ which has a negative effect on your energy. Although it gives a boost, there’s a sharp drop in blood sugar which can often make you feel more tired and drained.
A healthy diet and plenty of sleep will make you feel better and in turn, you’ll feel good and ready for your exam.

Exercise Fresh Air

Exercise gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing to the brain. Oxygen is good for your brain and can make us feel better within an instant.  The two combined are an absolute dream for your brain and act as a great stress relief. Try and go for a gentle jog or at least a walk outside. If your exam centre is near to you, walk to it instead of driving! It will help improve your mood and relieve stress.

Avoid caffeine

It sounds counterproductive as caffeine can keep us awake. How on earth will you get through your exam without your morning coffee…or three. The answer is just plenty of sleep beforehand. Caffeine is a stimulant and will actually increase your stress levels. You are trying to avoid the stress, not create more, so go without your morning caffeine fix, if not just for the day of your exam.
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6 Ways to Take the Stress out of Exams