5 vital skills of a personal assistant

Whether you want to work in a large or small business, the role of a personal assistant requires many skills to ensure the day-to-day running of the business goes smoothly. Here are 5 skills that are vital if you want to become a personal assistant:


One of the main skills a personal assistant needs is excellent communication. A daily task of a PA will be to answer calls, handle enquires and complete various business documents, including letters and emails. So making sure you are clear and give the correct information is very important.


It is the duty of a PA to manage the office, which is why you must be organised. Making sure files and information are up to date and colleagues have what they need to complete their work is your responsibility. Being organised will allow you to do your job a lot easier.

Computer skills

Personal Assistants need to have excellent skills in presentation and word processing skills. As letter writing is a daily task of a PA, good Word processing skills are vital and are an essential role in the day-to-day running of an office.

Planning skills

Attending meetings is a regular occurrence  in the working week for many personal assistants. It is their responsibility to plan these and make everyone aware about when and where they will be held. Excellent planning skills will also be needed in order for you to organise events.

Recruiting skills

Recruiting skills are needed to ensure the correct job vacancy details are displayed clearly, candidate information is looked after safely and communication with applicants is effective.
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Sharnie Carter

5 vital skills of a personal assistant