5 tips on how to construct a report

Have you been asked to construct a report but don't know where to start or what  needs to go in one? Then these 5 tips on how to construct a report will help you:

Plan your report

Before you begin writing your report you should plan. Think about what your aims and objective are. You should then look at what information you are going to include.  Make notes so you can refer to them whilst writing the report. This will keep you on track and help you remember all of the main points.

Keep the reader in mind

You should keep in mind what the reader wants to learn. The style, tone and vocabulary should meet your audience and situation. You should communicate effectively to the target audience to connect at an appropriate wave length.

Proceed in an orderly manner

Once you've planned and found your audience you can then begin your report. You should set it out in a logical order. For example, your report should start with an introduction and finish with a conclusion or summary. The main content should then be situated in the middle of the report.

Length matters

The length of the report is determined at the point when it meets its purpose. Do not make it too long or too short. Communicate effectively!

Appearance matters

Your report should be presentable and visually appealing. By scanning your report the reader should be able to pick out the main points. You should use clear and easy to read sub-headings to break down information for the reader. Including illustrations such as: charts, graphs and tables, makes large amounts of text and data easier to read.
Now you know how to construct a report you can progress easily with your studies!

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Sharnie Carter

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5 tips on how to construct a report