5 exam day tips from Open Study College

There’s no doubt about it – exams are stressful. Will you remember everything you’ve learnt? Have you covered the right topics in your study notes? Will you get the results you need for whatever you plan to do next?
We don’t have the answer to those questions – nobody does! But we do have some exam day tips to help you get through.

Try to get a good night’s sleep

This can seem impossible when you have months and years of learning swimming around in your head, but you’ll definitely perform better in the exam if you’re well rested. Finish any last minute revision at a reasonable hour to give you time to wind down before you go to sleep. Avoid distractions like your phone, video games or complicated TV programmes. You know what your optimum sleeping conditions are, so be sure to create them.

Have something to eat

Hunger is distracting, and you want your thoughts to be on the subject matter in hand; not your rumbling tum! Pre-exam nerves might leave you with no appetite, but it’s important to make sure you have the energy to get through it. Eat something filling but not too heavy. Nuts, oily fish and blueberries are all renowned brain foods.

Don’t be late

Sounds obvious, right? But who knows what might happen on your usual well oiled journey that could throw you behind schedule. Allow more time than usual so that you can deal with any unexpected mishaps. Rushing will only make you more stressed and panicky, which you definitely don’t need!

Avoid last minute panic studying

These exams haven’t crept up on you by surprise, so you’ll have been studying towards them in preparation over recent weeks and months. You can’t make a difference to the outcome at this late stage, and may end up confusing yourself. Trust in the learning that you’ve done and your mind’s ability to recall it.

It’s not the end of the world

If you leave the exam feeling like you’ve failed, don’t panic. You could just be fearing the worst! Just remember that, whatever happens, there are lots of paths to get you to where you want to be. It may take you slightly longer to get there but, with perseverance, you’ll find a way.
At Open Study College we have a number of students who took a diversion from their original plans – proof that it’s never too late to return to or carry on studying.
Alana was unable to achieve the grades she hoped for at school due to physical and mental health issues. In order to continue her education she turned to distance learning, which suited her personal circumstances. She's gone on to study various courses with us, including a GCSE and A Levels. Read Alana's story.
Christian realised he hadn't studied the right subjects to get onto the university course he wanted to do, so he took a year to study an additional A Level with us, and has now been accepted by a number of prestigious institutions. Read Christian's story.
Robyn got as far as passing her degree and working in what she thought was the right role for her before realising she wanted to make a change. She's since returned to education on a part time basis through distance learning, and has studied Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation with a view to taking a different career path. Read Robyn's story.

Last of all - good luck!

Take your time, read through the questions properly and stay calm.

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5 exam day tips from Open Study College