5 Reasons why you should work in social care

Would you love to work in social care? Do you enjoy helping people and want to make a difference to someone's life? Then a career in social care would be perfect for you! Take a look at these 5 reasons why you should work in social care:

A rewarding job

There are plenty of well-paid, sustainable jobs out there, however, not many will give you the same satisfaction you can gain from making a real difference to people’s lives.

The difference you make to the lives of other people can’t be overstated as the impact can be felt in so many different ways.

Many vulnerable people find everyday life a challenge, not only practically, but emotionally as well, having to cope with what they’re going through and being there for them is a very rewarding feeling.

Whether you’re helping them with personal care, shopping and cooking, domestic duties, or just simply having a chat over a cup of tea, you will be improving someone’s quality of life.

Ultimately, working in social care allows you to enable people to live as rounded a life as possible, in all respects.

Flexible working hours

Social care work has suffered from unpredictable rotas, long distances between clients, and anti-social hours, however, that is something that many organisations are changing.

Professionals are looking for flexibility as a priority, and while that could mean different things to different people, social care providers are working to change their policies to attract the professionals they need.

People need support around the clock, not just from 9-5, which means there will always be the opportunity to work hours that suit your schedule.

Care homes and hospitals also need night-shift workers, whilst there is also a range of live-in opportunities where you can support vulnerable people without the need for a lengthy commute.

Care work allows you to find a role to fit your needs so you can excel in a rewarding and fulfilling career.

A job for life

Working in a job you see no progression in can be disheartening, especially when you know it’s not a job that you have a future in.

With care work, there will unfortunately always be people in need with social care experience always being required.

There are worries in certain industries that the likes of AI and new technology could take over jobs, however, there you don’t need to worry about that when it comes to care work.

Working in this sector means there are jobs that can last a lifetime with such wide and diverse fields you can get involved in, whether that’s in care homes, day centres, hospitals, independent living facilities, or visiting people in their own homes.


When looking at future careers, progression is an important factor to consider, and with social care, there’s a lot of opportunity to progress up the career ladder.

As mentioned in the last reason, there are a lot of fields to work in, meaning that the opportunities to advance are almost endless without the need to switch focuses entirely.

Not only that, but there are plenty of opportunities to develop due to the everchanging and growing nature of the care services industry.

You can earn qualifications by learning on the job, such as the Health and Social Care Level 4, whilst also being able to work your way towards a management role.

You will have the opportunity to move into roles such as care supervisors or care coordinators and take on additional responsibilities.

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Sharnie Carter

5 Reasons why you should work in social care