Why Marjorie studied a World War 1 course

OSC provided me with a course that didn’t bog me down with exams to make me feel fed up when I don’t need them. I’m doing this course purely and simply because I want to.”

Marjorie, 80, Lincolnshire

Marjorie is a mature student with Open Study College and has recently completed the World War 1 course. Having thoroughly enjoyed her studies, she explains that she’s about to embark on her second distance learning course and why this subject matter interests her so much:

“I’ve just signed up to study the World War II Level 3 course, which I plan to start in the new year after a much-deserved festive break with my family. My husband is ex-army and if we go anywhere, the first place we look for is a military museum; we’ve probably visited 80% of all the military museums in the country, so I’ve always had an interest in this subject matter. With him being in the army before, my husband has been a great help with this course, although we’ve never actually lived through a war because we’re both too young - you know, saying that we’re too young for something sounds great!

“I also just wanted to do something to prove to myself that although I’m 80 my brain isn’t old and tired. I knew it would be no good to do a course featuring exams as I’ve never had much of a memory and now in my old age my memory can be even worse. I just can’t remember the same and OSC provided me with a course that didn’t bog me down with exams to make me feel fed up when I don’t need them. I’m doing this course purely and simply because I want to.”

Marjorie explains the benefits of distance learning and why she chose this route. She said: “My daughter is very much into learning and inspired me to look online when I told her I really wanted to study something but didn’t want to travel or have any set exams. Also, I don’t drive and we live in a little village which means the bus service is almost non-existent. This is why I chose to study with Open Study College and follow the distance learning route.

“Outside of these World War themed courses, I also have other passions that are mostly connected to needle and thread. I tend to study during the day and then focus on my hobby in the evenings.”

When asked what she enjoys most about distance learning, Majorie explains the fulfillment she receives and praises the support OSC has given her. She goes on to recommend that others take the plunge and study too.

“It’s a great sense of satisfaction when you get good comments back from the tutors. I always think to myself I can’t be doing that bad when I’m receiving good feedback. The tutor I had was very supportive, which really did make a difference, and they get back to you really quickly which is handy especially when you haven't studied for so long.

“I know that OSC does so many different courses, so if anyone wanted to study with them, I would say go ahead. This is very rewarding, and I can’t see why anyone else wouldn’t feel the same. It’s all so interesting so take the plunge and you’ll see how much you’ll enjoy it!”

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Why Marjorie studied a World War 1 course