David's ICB Bookkeeping and Payroll course - never stop learning!

Following a serious illness, David decided to study an ICB Bookkeeping and Payroll course to not only benefit his creative business but to open up employment opportunities too. David is determined to continue his development, meaning he will never stop learning. Here’s what David had to say about his distance learning experience with Open Study College…

What’s your background in terms of education?

I am educated to degree level, graduating in 1991 with an honours degree in Electrical Engineering.

What made you want to study your chosen subject/course?

I’ve had a small creative business for some years and initially wanted to study a course that included a SAGE computerised accounts package. I also wanted to learn double-entry bookkeeping, so I decided to go for the complete package course.

What was your motivation for studying?

My main motivation was mostly for personal achievement following a serious illness. I also partly wanted to study to open up future employment opportunities.

Why did you choose distance learning over traditional study methods?

There is no travelling to the local college involved! And it allowed me to study when I best felt like it, meaning I could complete the course at my own pace.

Why did you choose to study with Open Study College?

Open Study College was on the accredited list of study providers for the ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers). They offered the best value for a package course, particularly with the additional Diploma in Payroll Management that went with the bookkeeping course.

What have you enjoyed most about your studies?

Learning new skills and seeking to expand my own knowledge and understanding has always been important. The stage when I finally “got double-entry bookkeeping” was a great feeling of achievement!

What do you plan to do with your course after completing your studies?

I have no plans at the moment with regard to bookkeeping and accounts. Although, having completed the courses, there are now other options that may be open to me in the future.

Do you plan to study any further in the future?

I have no plans at present, but I don’t intend to stop learning.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Open Study College’s course notes were comprehensive and easy to follow, with plenty of worked examples and ‘test yourself’ questions to try before attempting the assessments. The tutor system was very efficient and, in the few instances that I needed help with a particular topic, the responses were quick and helpful.

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Sharnie Carter

David’s ICB Bookkeeping and Payroll course – never stop learning!