Why you should study an Environmental Studies A Level

Have you ever thought about studying an Environmental Studies A Level? If so, we have the course for you... Environmental Studies looks at the relationship between humans and the environment. The course covers 4 areas of study:

  • The Living Environment – learn about the biodiversity and conservation of life, and specialist environments including Antarctica, and coral reefs
  • The Physical Environment – discover the elements that make up our environment such as minerals and gases
  • Energy Resources and Environmental Pollution – find out what challenges humans face with energy resources and pollutants
  • Biological Resources and Sustainability – Understand the factors controlling human growth, and the planet’s resources and life support systems

What are the benefits of studying an Environmental Studies A Level?


As climate change becomes more of an issue, the popularity of Environmental Studies continues to increase. Today’s young adults are challenged with the reality of water demands, deforestation and new energy resources. As a result, Environmental Scientists are needed more than ever.


The subject combines knowledge from a wide range of subjects, including science, geography and current affairs. Whilst studying a combination of such areas, you will find your course to be both enjoyable and rewarding.

Further Study

Your Environmental Studies A Level contributes towards the UCAS points needed to get into university. Once you've finished your course, you can go on to study for a wide range of careers, including Countryside Management, Environmental Science, or Marine Biology.
To find out more about our Environmental Studies A Level please go to our website, or speak to an adviser on 03300 563100.

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Sharnie Carter

Why you should study an Environmental Studies A Level